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Celebrating 10 Years of Partnership

We could not be more excited about seeing an Aussie Boat on the Cover to celebrate our 10 years with Allen. Over that time, Allen has become a HUGE part of everything we do and we not only consider them great Business partners but also wonderful friends.

Checkout the new 2021 catalogue to see the new range of Allen products.


All Allen high performing blocks use their patented Dynamic Bearing Track mechanism.

High Load Blocks & Sheaves

When quality is imperative, you can trust Allen’s collection of High Load Blocks and Sheaves.

Dog Bones, Thru-Decks & Exit Boxes

Simple products for simple, clean solutions to manage your running lines.

Pins, Rings & Verniers

Allen Vernier Adjusters are made from high quality stainless steel to ensure they are lightweight yet hard wearing. Available in a verity of designs to allow for fine-tune rig adjustment.


Allen Cam Cleats have had over 50 years of meticulous R&D to perfect their design. 

Tracks & Cars

 Low Profile Traveller Cars are available in a variety of configurations, CNC machined from high grade solid aluminium for high load strength and perfectly recirculating ball tracks.

Featured Products

Latest Release

Inboard End Batten Adjuster

UK sailboat hardware manufacturer, Allen, is pleased to announce an addition to its extensive range of sailmakers products.

The A.951-10 – Batten Adjuster.

The new inboard end batten adjuster has been developed alongside one of the world’s leading sailmakers. It has been designed to help sail manufactures streamline their sail designs by moving the batten tensioning hardware to the luff of the mainsail, up by the mast where the wind is already turbulent. This allows the sailmaker to reduce drag and improve the aerodynamics of the trailing edge of the sail.

The new batten adjuster from Allen will take a 10mm wide batten and has an adjustment range of 10mm with calibration marks to help gather regular sail settings. It can be easily fixed to a sail using the four nuts and bolts provided, and once attached gives a low-profile streamline finish.  

Made from glass-filled nylon and weighing only 33 grams the A.951-10 is a simple yet effective performance-enhancing product for any sailmaker. 

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