60mm quint switchable rachet with becket and cleat


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Allen Brothers (fittings) Ltd are proud to introduce their new 10:1 60mm mainsheet purchase system. It has been developed due to ever increasing performance of todays catamarans. The A2069 (533g) top block is made from 5, 60mm dynamic bearing blocks and the A2169 (748g) bottom block of 4, 60mm dynamic bearing blocks with the centre and fifth block being a 60mm switchable ratchet. The sheet then passes to a 38mm cam cleat. The Quint is designed to work on a wide range of fast cats from Tornados, F18s through to the latest foilers. This system runs with stainless steel balls on stainless races and is engineered to deliver the smoothness and feel over long periods of hard use.

  • Size:  60mm
  • Length:  148mm
  • Line Diameter:  5-12mm
  • Shackle PIn:  5mm
  • Break load:  1000gkg
  • SWL:  600kg
  • Weight:  750 gm


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