60mm X2 AutoRatchet block


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Allen were pioneers in the development of the first AutoRatchet blocks more than 30 years ago. Years of constant development, with the world's top sailors, has lead Allen to release their new generation X2 AutoRatchets. The new X2 pawl system which incorporates two pawls into the mechanism ensures that the load is evenly shared between both pawls, this means that the block can withstand higher working loads while also increasing both the reliability and longevity. It also features the patented swivel head lock system which can be fixed in position, allowing for more setup options.

  • Standard V Sheave
  • Length:  110mm
  • Maximum Line diameter:  12mm
  • Shackle pin:  5mm
  • Breaking load:  1000kg
  • Trigger load:  10kg
  • Maximum working load:  275kg
  • Weight: 110g


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